Get your thesis or dissertation POLISHED into scrumptious native U.K. English and grammar.

If you're an ESL author or student, I can help you express your ideas in natural, colloquial English or formal, academic English.


Well, you've written your first novel...

but it's 500,000 words long and you're not too sure now whether it might possibly need a bit of pruning.

Unfortunately, friends and family now discreetly leave the room when you mention it. You know it needs development, but you still want to self-publish or prepare it to send out to agents.

Here's how my flexible, personalised approach to editing can help: 

  • Set your editing speed ( x words a week) and pay as you go.
  • Stagger your payments to fit your finances.
  • Only a 25% deposit is required to set up deferred payments.
  • A simple contract and clearly defined t.&c.s help you manage deadlines, money and sanity.


THE BIG PICTURE |     0.01p per word or £100 per 10,000 words

This brings you a read-through of your work and a thorough editorial report, including useful practical suggestions on how to improve style, characterisation, plot and flow. At this stage I won't do it for you, but I'll give you advice on how to develop your work and where to take it from here. The Report is an outline of the work you need to do and is more or less what I will do for you in your Line Edit.

Timescale: well, my reading speed is over 300 words per minute, but I'll be paying close attention and writing a careful review. Once I've scheduled your work in, expect a 5-7 day turn around for a 100,000 word manuscript. 

EVERY LINE    |     0.025p per word or £250 per 10,000 words

This is a line-by-line polish, the next step after your Report, when those suggestions for improvement are actually carried out. I'll be going through every phrase with a fine-toothed comb, sometimes suggesting re-writes but always explaining the how and the why. I want to help you produce the very best final text you can. You won't be left floundering: if a paragraph needs a re-phrase, I'll help you. I may even offer several alternative versions. I promise to:

  • check external facts to make sure your historical context is accurate;
  • check for (hopefully unconscious) plagiarisms;
  • weed out inconsistencies in plot and character development.
  • communicate with you regularly along the way. 

Timescale: every manuscript is unique and so editing speed depends upon the complexity of your writerly needs - this process usually ranges from 5 to 10 hours per 5000 words.

COPY EDIT AND PROOFREAD |     0.02p per word or £200 per 10,000 words

I won't change your style or your vocabulary, but I'll be checking all those aspects of text which need to be just right. If something is misspelt or grammatically incorrect, your readers will notice: it really can and does diminish the impact of your story, thesis or memoir. Don't let it happen! And then you have typos, repetitions, spacing issues and formatting consistency. How many times must you proofread a book to get it right? The answer: probably about ten or more, preferably with several different pairs of eyes. Those minor errors are needles in haystacks. Some of them you won't see until you have a printed 'proof' copy in your hand. At this point, your 'beta readers' can help too -  order several proofs and recruit your friends and family!

Timescale: this process usually takes 2.5 to 5 hours per 5000 words - but can be quicker!